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Fadli Muhammad Rizky – Photography/Media

Hi guys. I am Fadli Muhammad Rizky, my nickname is Fadel, and this is how my family call me most of the time.

I am a university student, currently studying law and really enjoying the challenges. Since Covid-19 struck, I have spent most of my time studying online, and like most other students I find it a bit mundane at times.

I love photography, though I am no expert, I feel very excited when I was invited to take part as a part-time photographer/videographer for Wastra Indonesia, working as a team with Wilda.  I didn’t realise that product photography can be so challenging. It requires full concentration, an eye for creativity and buckets of patience.  I don’t have those abundantly yet, but I am positive that being part of the team will give me a lot of experience and knowledge, which I am sure will come handy in the future.

I look forward to learning a lot more through my involvement with Wastra Indonesia multimedia/media projects.

Salam wastra

Fadli Muhammad Rizky

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