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Jein Cristy Lontoh – Photographer/Model

Hi guys, I am Jein Cristy Lontoh currently involved in producing product photos for Wastra Indonesia.

After completing high school, I decided to take a gap year and looked for working experience, as I wasn’t entirely sure what I want to study at university. Then, 2020, Covid 19 struck, and it was another year of a gap year for me to ponder about my future.

In 2019, I was involved in modelling a few traditional textiles promoted by Wastra Indonesia, London and that was like the start of my passion for Indonesian textiles.  At the end of 2020, Wastra Indonesia has offered me an opportunity to take up photography and guiding me through a few very simple product photography lessons.

My involvement in producing textiles photos is really exciting. Now my mum has allowed me to turn our spare bedroom into a photography studio. I am really excited, and I hope this can be a new bridge to help me build a new career in life.  I don’t have expensive photography gadgets yet, but I am very proud that I now have a small dedicated studio, with proper lighting and a few photography equipment.

Feeling truly excited.

Salam wastra,

Jein Cristy Lontoh


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