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Miftah Khoiriah – Quality Control & Stock Management

Hello all. My name is Miftah Khoiriyah, but people usually call me Iyah.  I am a housewife and a mum to three very young children. As you could probably imagine, managing 3 young kids daily is a real challenge, but is not impossible to undertake other projects to make life a bit more special.

Before Covid-19 pandemic, I was working as a full-time accountant for a small organisation, but like many small businesses globally, Covid 19 has created extreme challenges for the business to continue operating for the time being, but we must look at the positive side of life and follow its wisdom to move on and stay afloat and happy.

Although I have not been involved volunteering for Connect Indonesia, The Charity before, neither have I been involved in promoting Indonesian traditional textiles with Wastra Indonesia, I feel extremely excited to be taking part in this new exciting journey, learning about Indonesia’s precious culture and traditions along the way.

I hope my involvement will bring something good to the sustainability of Indonesian Traditional textiles and to the global textile communities.

Thank you and salam wastra

Miftah Khoiriyah.

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