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Indonesian textile artisans have been hit very badly by the Covid-19 pandemic. The current halt in tourism to Indonesia and the temporary closures of traditional textile businesses around the country has severely impacted the weavers’ lives and undercutting the economic livelihoods of the artisan’s communities throughout Indonesia. Their lack of knowledge in online market technology and lack of access to the Internet has prevented them from exploring global market opportunities freely.

In 2020, we have spent more time communicating with the artisans, mostly talking about their suffering, and the very little support they have received on how to market their textiles and how to survive in this cruel time of Covid 19 pandemic. As the pandemic has continued to worsen globally, we are deeply concerned about their survival and the survival of these textiles going forward.

We are fully aware that Covid-19 pandemic is a global pandemic and that everyone one of us is impacted by this cruel virus. We know that there is no easy solution to the current global economic crisis, but we feel that if we try to create a small online market arena to help bridge their textiles to textile enthusiasts around the globe, it might ease this hardship a little.

We are creating this exclusive online Indonesian handmade textile market as a small contribution to help raise the public’s appreciations and considerations of the economic and cultural importance of these beautiful arts and the artisans who made them. This online market place is not a mere “Add to Basket” type of online shopping, but a market where we provide as much information as possible to potential buyers before placing their orders. We know that in today’s rather money-oriented world, there are many challenges to be faced by Indonesian textile enthusiasts when trying to source their dream textiles. With so many replicas of the real regional traditional textiles produced in Troso, Central Java, we feel that we have the duties and responsibilities to share our knowledge and experience in Indonesian textiles so that buyers can feel reassured of the textiles they are purchasing.

Through this website, will be hosting many varieties of Indonesian handmade textiles both traditional and contemporary. We will also be sharing our stories about our endeavour to implement small projects with the artisans, to help them create better quality textiles which are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We are here to provide support, information and guidance to the best of our ability. We are not super expert in this field, but we know enough to help you with any queries you may have.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to serving you and doing business with you.


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