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Large Indonesian Handwoven Borneo Dayak Ikat Textile – WIJKT-SINBL-003

Origin: Sintang, West Borneo, Indonesia

Material:  100% cotton

Measurements (approx): 222 cm x 123 cm

Weight:  Thick weave, fairly heavy textile

Condition: New, woven in 2018

– Hand-woven using a back-strap loom
– The designs are created using Ikat techniques.
– Coloured using natural vegetable dyes Morinda Citrifolia roots (called akar mengkudu) in Indonesia.

– wall hanging, upholstery, fashion apparel, and various other craft projects

– We don’t recommend machine wash for any Indonesian handmade textile
– If you must wash this textile, please use gentle handwash only, with very mild washing liquid. Dry flat.
– If you are using this textile for a wall hanging, please avoid direct sunlight, as sunlight can bleach any textile terribly.
– If you accidentally get the textile dirty, try to wipe it gently with a damp cloth, avoid rubbing repeatedly
– When not in use, keep them away in a safe place, away from nasty insects.

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This offer is for a large Indonesian West Borneo Ikat Blanket. This ikat called “Tiang bekurung”. Tiang bekurung depicted the importance of the home. In order to be protected, we must build a home, and bekurung means surrounded, therefore this ikat symbolises the importance of our home, to feel safe and protected..
Over the past 10 years, we have devoted part of our spare time, campaigning to preserve Indonesian traditional textiles culture and tradition. I believe that encouraging the continuous production of traditional handmade textiles will help empower women and strengthen the global economy. Appreciating slow textiles more will help reduce the production of unnecessary fast textiles and fast fashion, hence saving the planet from further climate destruction. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this cloth will go to support grassroots projects by Connect Indonesia, The Charity, a volunteer-based organization we started in the year 2000. We distribute reading glasses to the weavers regularly to help them produce better quality textiles. For full details about Connect Indonesia, please visit

Since 2009, we have campaigned vigorously to help the weavers to preserve our real textile culture and to create a balance between cultural preservation and economic development. From January 2021, we are creating collaborative work for the artisans and textiles agents from around Indonesia in the hope that we will be able to offer you as many varieties of Heritage textiles from around the archipelago. To find out more about our programme, please visit

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help.
Thank you for your interest and love for Indonesian textiles.

Best wishes and happy shopping.
Wastra Indonesia, The Global Team

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Dimensions 222 × 123 cm
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