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This is a Pekalongan “Pagi-Sore” batik, dyed in natural indigo. This batik is divided into two separate designs by a clear diagonal line.


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Due to its momentous history, Batik “Pagi-Sore” is a well-known batik design from Pekalongan. History has it that during the Japanese occupation, from 1942 to 1945, Indonesians were going through real hardship, and buying so many different pieces of Batik was not something poor people could afford, so Batik artisans created the “Pagi-Sore” design to allow people to wear one side of the design for the morning, and one side for the afternoon. Pagi=means morning and Sore= means afternoon Indonesian

Please note that all our handmade batik, both hand-drawn (batik tulis) and hand-stamped batik (batik cap) were produced using wax dye-resist processes. Due to the nature of these production processes, you may find minor imperfections and flaws on the cloth, such as minor traces of wax on unused Batik textiles and colour bleeds from the design to the background.  The minor flaws or imperfections make the items truly unique, and one-of-a-kind.


* 100% Cotton
* Dyed with natural dyes

Product information:

* In stock, ready to ship
* Unique item, only one available in this design, colour, and size.
* This batik was handmade in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia.
* The patterns are achieved using wax resist hand-drawn method.

Dimensions approximately:

* Length is 243 cm (95.6 inches) long
* Width 105 cm (41.3 inches) wide

Care instructions: 

* Spot clean or gentle hand wash
* Do not bleach or soak.
* Not recommended for machine washing

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