Vintage Handwoven Indonesian Traditional Textile | Savu Ikat Sarong Wall Hanging | Savu Tribal Tube Sarong in Natural Dyes| Red and Blue Savu Textile


Vintage handwoven Savu ikat tube sarong, woven from high-quality cotton yarns and dyed using indigo and morinda citrifolia natural dyes.


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Handwoven Savu ikat tube sarong, woven from high-quality cotton yarns and dyed using indigo natural dye. This sarong is thick and robust, suitable for upholstery fabric, a throw blanket or a wall hanging. It is also perfect for special craft projects such as cushion covers and elegant fashion accessories. The measurements provided exclude frills.

Please note that all our handwoven wall hangings and runners (table or bed runners) are hand-dyed and woven using a back-strap loom, and due to the nature of the production process, you may find minor imperfections and flaws in the weave. The minor flaws or imperfections make the items truly unique, and one-of-a-kind.


*  100% Cotton

*  Naturally Dyed

Dimensions approximately:

40.9 inches x 64.9 inches (approximately 103.8 cm wide x 164 cm long), these measurements are for the sarong presumed un-stitched.

*  This throw consists of 2 panels sewn together; this is a common technique practised by the weavers in Indonesia when trying to achieve 1 large piece of cloth. One-piece handwoven textiles are rarely produced longer than 90 cm long. This technique has become useful guidance for textile lovers to determine whether the textiles are genuinely handwoven with a back-strap loom.

Care instructions: 

*  We highly recommend dry-cleaning or spot-cleaning only.

*  Do not bleach or soak.



*  Ready to ship, only 1 throw/wall hanging is available in this design and size.

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